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Dive into the depths of time with the intergenerational trio 

Jacques Bianchi, Fabrice Pougez and Simo Tber

Jacques Bianchi, the oldest but not the wisest, had a crazy dream of relaunching his JB 200 diving watch that equipped the French Navy in the 1980s. In the Marseilles world, from Comex to Captain Cousteau, the inspiration of the underwater world guided this master watchmaker whose captain’s workshop overlooks the Old Port. 


The man of maturity, Fabrice Pougez, did not hesitate for a single moment to join this new adventure. For more than fifteen years, his MATWatches brand has positioned itself as the French leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of watches intended for professionals and lovers of watches with character. Fabrice Pougez has built his reputation for excellence by customizing watches for the military, navigators, explorers, members of the special forces, sea rescuers and pilots, among others. Its automatic tool-watches are renowned for their reliability, precision, extreme legibility, and foolproof ruggedness.  


"I was seduced by the idea of transmission that emerges from this project," explains Fabrice Pougez, the CEO of MATWatches. "My meeting with Jacques Bianchi was decisive. Beyond our professional convergences, the current immediately passed between us because we share a large number of common values: watchmaking of course, but also a passion for sports and a love of the deep sea! Our vision of watchmaking excellence is identical: independence and quality are our two pillars. No concessions on this point. And then, it's Marseilles! A few years ago, after making a very limited series for the sailors of the Marine Piloting of the Port of Marseilles, I fell in love with this region. Although coming from the Franche-Comté region, I am a man of the sea. Jacques Bianchi's workshops are located in front of the Old Port, in the heart of the city of Marseilles. It is a unique place, the perfect place to revive a military diving watch full of history. "


The youngest member of the family, Simo Tber, did not doubt for a second that he would join the project. For more than 5 years, he has been accompanying the French watchmaking industry in its digitalization with his company Direct Lemon and collaborates with major fashion and luxury brands. He brings to this alliance his expertise and the culture of communication necessary for the development of the project. 


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