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a tribute to the octopus and the spirit of marseille 

The highly anticipated new creation from the watchmaking house Jacques Bianchi Marseille has finally been unveiled. Now powered by a Swiss automatic movement, the JB200 POULPRO features an octopus on its dial, replacing the historical diver of the first models launched in 2021, which enjoyed immense success. This new version, available in “Encre de Seiche” black and “Mediterranean” blue, pays homage to one of the most enigmatic and intelligent marine creatures. An animal of raw beauty that has always been part of the cultural, maritime, and gastronomic history of Marseille. 


introducing jbmcollectibles

The year 2023 marks the beginning of the JBM Collectibles series. Each series tells a story, embodying the essence of our brand's journey. For those who share a passion for horology, owning a JBM Collectibles watch isn't just about telling time; it's about cherishing an enduringly valuable artifact and appreciating the fusion of tradition and innovation that defines us.

The JB200 POULPRO is the inaugural edition within the JBM Collectibles series. With the majestic silhouette of an octopus on its dial, the JB200 POULPRO invites you on a journey to explore the mysteries of the sea and be enchanted by the magic of the octopus, a symbol of intelligence and adaptability, reflecting the soul of Marseille, its beauty, and its complexity.

the new collection by jacques bianchi marseille 

Two years after the resounding success of its relaunch, the JB200 is back in the spotlight. Paying homage to its ancestor, which was once issued to the French Navy in the 1980s, the new JB200 retains the attributes that shaped its personality: left-sided crown, water resistance up to 200 meters, 42 mm diameter case, and unmatched “tool watch” look. 

continuous innovation

Another significant innovation is that the JB200 POULPRO is now powered by a Swiss automatic mechanical movement (Soprod P024) with an extended power reserve of up to 38 hours and improved chronometry. The thickness of its case, featuring an architecture and geometry reminiscent of diving watches from the 1980s, has been slightly refined to accommodate the new caliber.

specifications of the new JB200 poulpro



The new JB200 Poulpro is newly equipped with a Swiss movement - SoProd P024. 



42mm; 316L stainless steel case.

Screwed crown at 9 o’clock

Bezel with Super-LumiNova 

Sapphire crystal



Black or Blue with luminescent (Super-LumiNova) coating of index (green emission) Octopus silhouette; 11 hour markers with luminescent coating (green emission).

strap image.jpg


Strap: Blue or Black tropic-style rubber; steel pin buckle



Date, Hours, minutes and seconds


diver's watch

JB200 Poulpro Diver’s watch: 200 M (20 bar).

Design Destro de la JB200 Poulpro

voyer full.jpg

a leader within the french watch diving industry
The JB200 POULPRO retains the charm of 1970s dive watches by perfectly balancing the elegance of 1960s "skin divers" with the ruggedness of 1980s dive watches. It honors its heritage while incorporating technical advancements, thus preserving its timeless and versatile character, appealing to both diving enthusiasts and watch collectors.


fascination for the octopus in marseille

For centuries, the octopus has been venerated in Marseille as a true ambassador of the marine depths. Its enigmatic silhouette with eight arms equipped with suction cups and its exceptional ability to adapt to its environment have always intrigued the curious minds of the Phocaean city.

More than any other ocean creature, the octopus naturally embodies a deep connection between Marseille and the sea, symbolizing the open-mindedness and historical passion of its inhabitants towards the marine world. To celebrate this collective fascination for the octopus, the city hosted the “Marseille Octopus Worldwide” (MOW) festival in 2018 and 2019. The event brought together artists, writers, filmmakers, and ocean enthusiasts from around the world to explore different aspects related to the octopus. Artworks featuring this mystical animal took over the streets, legitimizing the octopus as a true symbol of Marseille. To this day, it is by far the most represented animal in the numerous street art works that adorn the city.

captivating imagination

The octopus, along with its distant cephalopod cousins such as the octopus, squid, and cuttlefish, has long captivated the imagination of artists, writers, and filmmakers, not only in Marseille but beyond. From ancient mythological tales to the grand adventures of classic literature, this marine creature, capable of changing colors in a tenth of a second or slipping into tiny rock cavities, has inspired numerous artistic and literary works over the centuries. 

an ocean creature rewriting the Marseille story of the JB200

Over time, the octopus has become a subject of inquiry for scientists worldwide, fueling the collective imagination around this enigmatic creature, which is both real and dreamlike.

Beyond its marine symbolism, the octopus also holds a significant presence in Marseille’s art, culture, fashion, and gastronomy. It is depicted in contemporary artworks, sculptures, and murals that adorn the city’s streets. In old Provençal, a octopus was called a “póulpro,” which was later named “póurpre” due to Spanish and Italian linguistic influences. 


available to pre-order


available to pre-order for a limited duration

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